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For the millennial you



        Make-Up Chevalet it's meant to offer you a space, to let yourself be. In nowadays' rush, it encourages you to take your time, when you feel like it. You're your own Masterpiece! Why not having a tool to support you in this?

Modern & practical, it offers you storage spaces for your make-up & accesories. With an artistic design, it brings into your home, elegance by simplicity. 

        The Make-Up Chevalet is a hand-crafted Vanity table, made of pine wood & MDF. Knowing how important lighting is to your make-up routine, Make-Up Chevalet offers plenty of it through its large mirror. 

Measurements: 166 x 77 x 106     Weight: 25 kg                                

Price is available upon request. Just drop us a message on the contact page, if interested.



Stay a while and listen

For lots of us make-up has become a basic need.

Therefore, just as we have special spaces for relaxing, dinning, reading, we deserve a well designed space to comfortably prepare ourselves for whatever the day might bring us.


Utility and creativity

Make-Up Chevalet provides the utility, a big mirror with lots of space to deposit your tools and accessories. All you need is to put creativity on the table. With it's two compartments it's easy to store everything out of sight for when you are not busy touching up.